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Saddam's an OutKast: Hey Allah!

January 16, 2004 @ 7:14am

Outkast did this song two weeks in a row on Saturday Night Live. After that I was hearing it on the radio everywhere — hard rock stations, pop stations. I'm sure it was in heavy rotation on country stations, too.

I got the new OutKast at Christmas from some relatives of mine who were wary of buying a CD with explicit lyrics from a band who was being sued by Rosa Parks. When OutKast started topping various "Best of 2003" lists they were okay with the purchase because it made them feel hip again.

The funny thing is that Amazon is now sending them promotional mail like, "We noticed that you were down with the latest OutKast CD. How about taking a look at the new releases from Ludacris, Goodie Mob and 50 Cent?"

This spoof is by LiQUiDGENERATiON, the same site that gave us "The Mystery of Britney's Breasts."

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