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Late to the DOM party

January 17, 2004 @ 10:56pm

Working on intranets has several advantages over coding for the rest of Internet. The biggest one is that you can have browser and platform requirements.

For instance, my old Venture Reporter intranet used an ActiveX WYSIWYG editing component with a spell checker that only works in Windows with Internet Explorer 4.01 and higher: no Macs; no Mozilla; no Opera. So I could write IE-specific JavaScript and use things like innerHTML and outerHTML to manipulate form contents to my heart's delight.

But years later when I am building a more ambitious intranet with a cross-platform editor for Weblogs, Inc., I find out that my innerHTML and outerHTML aren't both available in Mozilla for Windows and don't exist at all in Mozilla for Mac.

Then that DOM that I've been introduced to at dinner parties, but haven't spent too much time with one-on-one, becomes really important. After visiting an excellent DOM resource like Michele Tranquilli's PXL8, it becomes my new best friend.

Nice work, Michele!

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