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Server-side is slow with liquor

January 20, 2004 @ 7:51am

It makes sense that innerHTML and outerHTML have been abandoned. Those properties involve looking at a Web page as a long string of text and we all know that Web pages are now made up of XML-style nodes of parents and children.

I was already doing a bunch of DOM scripting for a trick that lets you load content dynamically from the server without having the browser make round trips. It works the same way Flash works (user experience-wise) and I'll be writing it all up so I can present it at one of the A List Apart live events.

So I wasn't really surprised to find that I had to use the same appendChild() and removeNode() methods to add and remove body content that I was already using to load and unload server content. I was just disgusted to find I needed to recreate something I had already built once.

Similarly, we originally had each blog entry linked to only one site as our plan called for infrequently (or never) cross posting entries. Then reality hit and we found that while we were cross posting frequently we were about to start blogging Sundance — which would mean constant cross posting to our Sundance, Documentaries, Indies and Calacanis blogs. I got it all converted in time, but doing so temporarily disabled our topics system. Now I'm rebuilding it.

Other updates on my radar: more intranet stuff you'll likely never see; real member sign-up tools (with alert mailings); several new blogs that are waiting on me to make them live and prep our new bloggers; and even more intranet stuff you'll likely never see.

So far there's been about a 20-to-1 ratio of (invisible) intranet development to (visible) public Web page work. Soon that will drop to about 5-to-1 as we release more features and give readers more ways to use Weblogs, Inc.

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