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It's not you. It's me.

January 21, 2004 @ 9:37pm

I have outgrown another in-browser WYSIWYG editing component. The downside is that I've invested the last six months of my development life with my soon-to-be-ex. The upside is that I've already found a new component that seems to be more compatible with me and where I'm going. I make it laugh. We have a lot more in common. It understands me.

This could turn out to be the one.

Then he takes my hand, writes down his number and just walks away.
I mean, wow. But you know, the weird thing is he's actually kind of cute - in a really intense way. Kinda like Perry Farrell, you know: intense, but sensitive.
Anyway, I told my bitchy sister about it, and she just laughed at me. I told her I'm really excited about this! That I have a really good feeling about this guy. I told her, "This could be the guy..."


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