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The Friends Weblog

January 24, 2004 @ 9:06pm

I am the biggest Friends fan! I know answers to Friends trivia questions that the cast members themselves would have trouble answering (especially the wise-cracking one who was in rehab and is now married to the dark-haired one who is a chef but used to be heavy in high school).

Well I just spent a solid week doing research on Friends for my new site - The Unofficial Friends Weblog - and then I read an article in the Post that says they filmed the final Friends episode last week!

Who else knew about this?

Man, I had the best tagline for the site: "I'll blog them for you (when the rain starts to pour)."

I found some great gossip on Jennifer Aniston. (Hint: she has been romantically linked in the tabloids to an actor from Legends of the Fall - and it isn't Sir Anthony Hopkins!)

I was all set to run a big banner ad campaign on Mr. Showbiz.

This sucks! I can't do a blog about a show that's only on in reruns. I guess the lesson here is that a good blog has to move really quickly.

I wonder if anyone has done "The Unofficial Frasier Weblog" yet.

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