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No more Webmonkey business

February 11, 2004 @ 9:30pm

According to c|net, Webmonkey is no more.

Sources inside the company said many members of its U.S. ad sales team were laid off Monday, along with the engineering and Webmonkey staff in San Francisco; employees of financial services site and others in the Mountain View offices; and most of the staff in the New York office.

That's too bad. Early on in my career, Webmonkey was one of the top places to find expert tutorials on Web design. In recent years though they have gone in some strange directions - like being forced to use Terra Lycos' blogging software over on Tripod. Not surprisingly, the blog was only updated once every couple of months.

What does that leave me with now? A List Apart and their goofy articles comparing Web design to Oz?

We're just tryin' to be friendly,
Come and watch us sing and play,
We're the young generation,
And we've got something to say.

Maybe they'll sell the domain name and archived material to a group of talented Web designers at a nice publishing company somewhere.

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