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On Martha Stewart's history-making "I am a clone" defense

March 8, 2004 @ 6:31am

I haven't really paid close attention to the whole Martha Stewart trial, but one thing has really stuck with me. It was her whole "I am a clone" defense. Best I can tell, the Martha Stewart that they have in custody has been arguing all along that she is just a clone of the real Martha Stewart — who is certainly hiding out on a tropical island somewhere showing bartenders how to make fancy blended frozen fruit drinks.

Martha's clone was convicted and is going to jail because she either couldn't get the jury to believe that a criminal mastermind billionaire would have herself cloned to avoid doing prison time or the jury was sci-fi savvy enough to understand this one key fact:

By the time the real Martha Stewart cloned herself she was already guilty. Therefore, any clone would be just as guilty as the original Martha Stewart.


But Martha's clone will have strong grounds for appeal. She deserves a fair trial by a jury of her peers and I doubt that any of the jurors that convicted her were actual clones.

If this all sounds a little more Patrick Stewart than Martha Stewart, don't worry. I'm sure Ridley Scott is working on a TV movie of the trial, complete with voiceover narration by Harrison Ford to explain everything for those of us who haven't followed the story in great detail.

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