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March 11, 2004 @ 10:47pm

Yesterday I was an oldies station: 101.1. A fever wiped me out on a day when I was supposed to be finishing up projects and packing for South By Southwest (SxSW).

Around midnight I started packing for my 6:39AM flight. The taxi service I called wasn't the usual one because they stop answering their phones in the middle of the night so the one I chose sent their cab to the wrong address. At 5:45 this morning they were arguing with me, "Well why did you tell us you were on Primrose in Battle Hill?" I told them Orchard Hill. Freaks.

My commuter flight to DC was one of those tiny planes with no overhead bins and only three seats per row: one on the left and two on the right. After counting the passengers, they made two guys from the back move to the front of the plane to "balance out the luggage." It didn't help.

The woman next to me had never been on one of these roller coaster flights that grazes the tops of tall trees. She asked if it was worse than a big jet ride and I lied, "Not much." I try to sleep through takeoffs and landings and most of that part in between. At one point we hit some turbulence and her screams woke me up. Sorry!

The flight from DC to Austin was much better — until the flight attendant sang a goodbye yodel to the passengers as we taxied to the gate. She also reminded us to watch out for things in the overhead bins because "shift happens" and made bad pun after bad pun. Some of you are probably thinking that she and I were separated at birth...

Oh behave.

Welcome to Austin.

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