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Work in progress

March 29, 2004 @ 9:46pm

Since SxSW, I've been busy completing — and frequently mercy-killing — older development projects and putting together new features for Weblogs, Inc. (like blogrolls).

The last two Blogstakes contests have been wrapped up. Winners were chosen (nearly two months ago), verified and put into Excel for contest sponsors. Yesterday I posted the Slappa winners and sometime soon I'll post the winners of The Onion Platinum Prestige Encore Gold Premium Collector's Collection. After that I will be putting together some thoughts about Blogstakes and blog marketing in general and that will appear here.

Over on A List Apart, my buddy Dave got Atomz search implemented and that project deserves a write-up too. Sadly, offers pour in from every country on Earth to translate articles into other languages and Oz is never mentioned. Okay, one guy offered to translate it into Australian and Canadian, but the ALA team rejected my request. I mean his.

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