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From the A List Apart mailbag

April 20, 2004 @ 4:40am

This was just sent to the ALA mailbag:

I just thought you might want to consider opening outside links in a new window (target="new"), because when it opens in the same window, I, like many others I assume, hit the "X" when I'm done on the outside page.


We're not going to make links in new windows a default behavior on ALA, so maybe we should put a warning on every ALA page telling people we are NOT opening new windows when you click on our links.

What do the other 98% of the sites on the Web — the ones that allow links to work the way they were designed — tell people? I think we should do whatever it is that they do.

In tab-free browsers like Internet Explorer for Windows, opening a new window effectively launches a whole new application. On a low-end machine this can be a huge resource drain and a waste of half a minute of a visitor's time. I steer clear of WYSIWYG visual editing components whose color palettes and link editors open new browser windows. I know how to make links open in new windows if I want them to and I'd rather be free to choose on a link-by-link basis.

What we could do is put one of those preference checkboxes and set a cookie to determine what kind of link behavior a visitor wants. Someday. Maybe.

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