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From Studbase to Blog Maverick

April 27, 2004 @ 1:29am

After college I did a bunch of freelance database development on the Macintosh and one of the applications I built was called "Studbase". It was for a friend whose father bred, raced and bet on horses on Long Island.

The premise of his application was simple: if you know the parents of a horse that has never raced before and some important statistics on the related horses' racing performance, then you will have a better shot at predicting the performance of the unknown horse. My friend's dad was a very successful gambler/owner and in time the story was picked up in the New York Daily News' racing section. There was a brief profile of my friend's dad and a paragraph or two on his secret weapon, Studbase.

Fast-forward more than a decade and my wife has just sent me a link to the online stream of Extra showing the Blog Maverick site on television in a "Trump vs. Cuban" segment last night. Wild.

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