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Dilemmas and trilemmas

May 12, 2004 @ 7:40am

Is it wrong to want to write parodies of blog entries that the people you work with have written?

Fortunately, I work with a lot of bloggers so you can't just point to one and say, "He must be talking about this." Unfortunately, everyone I work with will read this and think I'm talking about them. Paranoid freaks...

By the way, I've always loved the word "dilemma" — even before it was a great duet by Kelly Rowland and Nelly. It's a Greek word. I think it means "two lemons." So a dilemma is a situation where you have two lemons and you don't know which one to choose. A trilemma is an even worse situation to be in and it's the root of our modern word "trauma."

My son is doomed.

I'm going to be like the dad in Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin sees a sign on a bridge indicating the bridge's weight limit. He asks his dad how people figure out these weight limits. The dad explains that they keep driving more and more trucks over the bridge until it collapses. Then they rebuild the bridge and put up a "20 tons" sign. Brilliant.


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