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You've got IMAP

May 18, 2004 @ 6:44am

It's IMAP-only, but AOL has opened up their mail servers to non-AOL mail clients. Neat! I didn't think they would ever open their doors for other people's software, but they quietly began supporting IMAP on April 5 and formally made the service available later that week.

I keep an AOL account for domain name registration since it will always be available even when a domain of mine is in between servers, is being held for ransom by a registrar or is otherwise unable to receive email. As a domain contact address, my AOL account receives a ton of spam so I only check it once or twice a month.

Now that I can pull all of my AOL spam into Outlook where the rest of my spam resides, I have no excuse for not checking the account. Thanks, AOL!

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