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What's your frequency, blogger?

May 30, 2004 @ 1:00am

Some blogs add short entries all day long and some are made up of longer essay-style entries that appear twice a week. I fall into the less frequent, longer posts style of blogging. Even the entries on my Blogstakes site were rarely more than once a day and that seemed to fit the needs of the site. When did I ever have more than one thing to announce about a Blogstakes contest?

For a site like Blog Maverick, this is a healthy pace. For a site like Engadget, my blogging frequency would be poison.

I also consider the subject matter. Much of what I do is behind-the-scenes work like Web development, adding new sites or administration. I'd love to blab about every little fix, feature or decision we make (and this would be the right place to do it), but I'm happy to let our corporate news (and rumors) break in articles about other blog network entrepreneurs.

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