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All-Star Game conspiracy theories

July 14, 2004 @ 9:42am

Mike PiazzaThe first conspiracy being bandied about the office this morning involves how Mike Piazza sabotaged Roger Clemens in the first inning. From bad pitch-calling to intentionally framing pitches to appear outside the strike zone, Piazza took his revenge on Clemens for treating him like "Mike Piñata" in a regular season interleague series four years ago. It has even been speculated that Piazza was telling batters what pitch was coming up next.

(Of course, this is the same office where we make Dave park his car on the street because it has a Mets license plate holder. Coincidence?)

The second conspiracy is a little more sinister. Prior to the All-Star Game, trade rumors indicated that The Yankees might be acquiring Arizona's Randy Johnson. Following that, news surfaced that the Red Sox would counter and bring Roger Clemens back to Boston. This means that Clemens would return to the American League for the postseason and — if they make it to the World Series — home field advantage because his National League squad lost the All-Star Game.

Niki won both of the baseball disagreements we had this week. She correctly remembered that Jim Thome was a first baseman from her years spent following the Cleveland Indians. I incorrectly associated his power hitting with being an outfielder. She also knew that it was Century 21 that sponsored the Home Run Derby. I could have sworn I'd heard that this year's longball contest was sponsored by Balco.

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