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Things I know about sports (part one)

August 4, 2004 @ 7:30am

Smokey Robinson and Isiah ThomasThe first thing I know about sports is this: if Isiah Thomas is the Smokey Robinson of the NBA, then that makes the New York Knicks the NBA's Miracles. (They do play just off of 34th Street, right by Macy's.)

I've noticed in recent news conferences that Isiah likes to quote lines from my blog and I have often felt a little guilty for not blogging more frequently and for leaving him without at least a good line every now and then.

So, Isiah, the next time you're asked how having Shaq in the Eastern Conference changes things for the Knicks, just tell the reporters, "It's not the Heat I'm worried about. It's the humidity." They'll get a kick out of that one.

The second thing I know about sports is this: if I was on the most cursed team in all of baseball (and all of professional sports for that matter), the last team I'd want to be traded to is the second-most cursed team in all of baseball. At least his new fans will say Nomar with an "r". You have to take pleasure in little things like that when you are destined to be denied a world championship — until the end of the season when your contract runs out and you sign with the Yankees and start playing second base.

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