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When everything went dim

August 12, 2004 @ 10:34pm

Last night, Jack and I were waiting at the grocery store to pay for some cat litter and the power went out — twice. Each time it lasted for about five seconds and when the lights finally came back on for good the electronic checkout machines slowly limped back to life.

First they showed their OS2/Warp startup screens (circa 1995). Then they cycled through a never-ending list of startup files before failing to find the "requester" service — and beginning the ten-minute startup routine again.

The woman waiting behind us in line also works there as a cashier. She asked Tom, the checkout guy, why the register wasn't ready to ring up our orders yet. He explained that the manager told him it needed to check its files and she asked why it couldn't just do this in the middle of the night when they are closed. "Well, this is a really bad time for it to be 'checking its files'. I mean, the power just went out."

Then she went on and on about how the guy behind her in line should be a model. "You really think I look good enough to be a model?" he asked. "Oh no. You're just so thin. I mean, you're not fat at all!"

If we were all thin, we could all be models. Neat.

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