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Team spirit

October 14, 2004 @ 12:42am

Jack, Babe RuthJack was running some errands with Niki on Tuesday afternoon and decided to pay a visit to the final resting places of Billy Martin and Babe Ruth. He was surprised to find that several people had been there before him and was intrigued by the offerings that had been deposited.

Billy Martin's tombstone had a beer, a bottle of scotch, a shot glass and a hot dog.

Babe Ruth's grave had a baseball (that Jack wanted to take home), a bat, several caps, dozens of pennies, flowers, a Yankees pin, a cigar and a pair of baby socks — red socks to be specific. One of them had a "19" written on it and the other one had an "18".

Seems to be working so far. (Sorry, Leigh.)

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