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New England mortality rate to soar

October 28, 2004 @ 6:16am

It seems a lot of older people in Boston and the rest of the Red Sox Nation have been hanging around waiting for a World Series win.

"We know people who are 90 years old who have just said: 'Just one championship before I die,'" Red Sox chairman Tom Werner said.

It reminds me of a sci-fi story, might have even been Stephen King, where this kid has to rush home every night to read his grandfather a book. What he reads is the end of one book and then the beginning of another one. That way the grandfather stays alive another day to find out how the latest story ends and it turns out that the grandfather is something like 150 years old.

Red the catIn related news, our own "Red" didn't make it to see game four. 15 years ago he and his sister Annie left the Boca Raton Animal Shelter and have lived with my sister in Florida, New York, Indiana and now Canada. He was a great cat and the only one of their pets that really accepted their new baby daughter.

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