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Windows 2005

December 1, 2004 @ 8:14am

Merriam Webster's list of the top ten most looked-up words in 2004 has "blog" as the number one Word of the Year. Congratulations, bloggers.

The dangerous thing that many people haven't talked about yet is that "defenestration" is sitting at the bottom of the list and most of the words in between relate either to the election or to natural disasters. I'm not big into defenestration, but if I was (and remember, I'm not), I'd be looking at 2005 as a prime opportunity to dethrone "blog".

What would it really take? The election is over (almost). Next year probably won't have as many hurricanes or cicadas. All they have to do is defenestrate a few more people here and there and 2005's Word of the Year will be defenestration.

Look out.

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