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Charlie Harper Sucks

December 14, 2004 @ 10:35pm

charlie harper sucksOn a recent Two and a Half Men (tied with Arrested Development on my list of TV's best written comedies), Charlie found out that there was a site called Charlie Harper Sucks and women were comparing their notes on dating him. Visiting the URL in the real world, you can read everything Charlie found in the episode and more.

I love it when a TV show mentions a new URL or a phone number that was created just for that show. On a recent Scrubs, Turk got a great cellphone number and if viewers called it, they got to hear a message from Turk himself.

When the episode aired, the cast and crew were reportedly taking turns answering the number themselves, which sounds great unless you're like me and you watch most TV on TiVo weeks after an episode has already aired.

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