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Looking for blog designers and developers

January 5, 2005 @ 9:59pm

I'm looking for some front-end and back-end web geniuses - or anyone who fits both roles - for some freelance design and development projects starting yesterday.

On the front-end I'm looking for people with:

Scripting experience is a plus. Print design experience is also a plus.

On the back-end:

Much of what I'm working on is Microsoft-powered (ASP & SQL), but I have been known to mix in Perl, PHP and MySQL where it's a better fit. Of course, some of you are asking "Where isn't open source a better fit?" Nice.

If there's a single designer/developer out there who has these skills or a smaller web shop looking for a steady stream of projects, let me know.

[Update: I turned off comments on this post and hid the existing ones so it doesn't turn into a job forum. If you still want to respond, use my contact form. Thanks.]

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