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Blogging in bursts

March 24, 2005 @ 8:48am

So after a six week lapse in blogging, here I am making my second post of the day. Don't get used to it...yet.

Logicworks stepped up and gave us Nick for the afternoon and it looks like we've resolved our biggest server issues. We're also planning on taking advantage of their managed database hosting services. They have a whole new division dedicated to scaling Microsoft SQL Server applications. That's what we do so it sounds like a great match.

I was flipping through our sites (because they actually respond for a change) and clicked on the links to my Meet The Makers site. Today is the two year anniversary of the beginning of my interview series. In 2002, I did three Meet The Makers events with Jason. When Jack was born in January of 2003, I gave up on the live events and did some phone and email interviews to keep the site fresh, but soon Jason and I had started kicking around some other ideas for projects we could collaborate on. Out of all our ideas, our favorite one was creating a blog publishing company.

At this point my Meet The Makers email address is 99.9% spam, so I shut it off a few days ago. Soon the whole MTM site will get archived and point to my new blog along with all of my other old sites, which will live in the new version of our blogging platform. No reason to have an out-of-date resume site offering to build web sites for people when I couldn't possibly take on consulting work.

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