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A face for radio

May 5, 2005 @ 6:26am

So this afternoon Jason added his first podcast to his blog and it got me thinking about when I'd be podcasting. Checking our stats, he has more than ten times as many posts as I do, so it looks like I'm due for a podcast in 2015. Maybe I'll start sooner than that.

If I podcast as frequently as I blog, we can call it The Brian Alvey Annual Podcast.

If I did one this week I think I'd steer clear of things like c|net slamming Engadget or the ads in our RSS feeds. I'd probably cover the angles of popular news stories that mainstream media are missing. Like what if Jennifer Wilbanks, that bride-to-be who wasn't really kidnapped, and her fiance John Mason really do reschedule their 600-person wedding? Will anyone show up? What if he hires real Hispanic thugs to kidnap her in a blue van right before the wedding? Will anyone even look for her? That would be great revenge.

Yeah, I'm definitely going to podcast. Just not soon. There's lots of stuff left to build and we're not done moving servers around.

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