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May 6, 2005 @ 3:31am

When people leave comments on our blogs, we send them a confirmation email. If they click the link in the message, they have confirmed their identity and we publish the comments. One problem is that many people use spam blocking software or an ISP like Earthlink that offers spam protection.

We're not sending spam, but we get bounce-back email to our service address all the time that read "If you want this message to go through, fill out this form and type the word you see in the picture. Then we'll release your mail to the recipient." I get a lot of these. I fill the forms out and I do my best to make sure that comment confirmation email gets to the people who made the comments. The one that I hate doing is Earthlink's. They incorrectly parse our service account's name into first name "Inc." and last name "Weblogs" and if you submit the form without correcting it, they give an error message that your name cannot have a period in it.

Why give me a form that is already populated with values that are guaranteed to fail?

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