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Desktop Detective

June 11, 2005 @ 12:38am

I saw a hot ad for the Batman Begins movie on Yahoo. The ads and the site are stunning and high-quality like the ones for Sin City. I haven't paid much attention to the television ads yet, so I wasn't really excited about the movie, but the ad for the movie site was hard to ignore. The amazing production design from the film translates perfectly to the web. Four days away from opening day is a good time to get me hooked.

It looked so good that I raced to the downloads section and snagged a new desktop. Gone is the default widescreen HP Pavilion desktop (which was pretty good looking) and in its place I now have Batman, with his head hung low because he is depressed. Think if I cleared out some of those files he'd cheer up? (Yes, I did look at all of the available desktops to find one that would work with my crowded desktop.)

Batman Begins desktop

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