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Foo on Yahoo

June 17, 2005 @ 6:58am

Foo FightersAbout a month ago I ordered some CDs from Amazon, a small binge after months of not spending. (I do work at a start-up company, you know.) By the time the CDs arrived I had already given Yahoo's Music service a spin. I heard about it on Mark Cuban's blog and it's only $5 per month for unlimited downloading as long as you listen to the music in their software or on an approved MP3 player. Not a problem for me -- I was living in iTunes listening to CDs that I'd grab from the shelves and load into my library.

So my new Jack Johnson CD arrived and I never even opened it. I already had the album downloaded from Yahoo Music. These services have got to be a big blow for Amazon. Unless I want to hear these discs on a road trip, I don't see myself opening those CDs anytime soon either. My only complaint was that it was stingy on the Foo Fighters, but that finally changed.

When I heard that CK had downloaded the new Foo Fighters double album from iTunes, I went to see if my Yahoo Music had it. They did and I grabbed it quickly. But their older albums -- one of which I only have the case for -- took a few more days to appear. As of tonight I have them all.

I'm going to be able to work about twice as fast now. This is huge.

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