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Hack A Day hacked?

July 17, 2005 @ 1:11am

To quote Jason, "Yes, we got hacked." To quote Jay Allen, "It was a simple defacing."

Our oldest web server's FTP ports were not locked down in our firewalls. Not good. Someone ran cracking software, gained FTP access and defaced our sites. All of our other servers which run Engadget, Joystiq, TV Squad and any blog we've launched since January were untouched, but Hack A Day, Autoblog, Luxist, Gadling, Blogging Baby and several others were affected.

Not much left to say besides we got the holes on that old server closed and I can't wait to migrate everything off of it and decommission it. The new platform has no FTP. All files are managed via web form-based uploads. It's not the easiest way to get a large group of files to the server, but it isn't a hack waiting to happen like IIS's FTP server can be.

Any suggestions on web-based bulk upload tools or SFTP servers and clients? I'd love to hear them.

Now going offline again to continue celebrating seven happy years of marriage...

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