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I love the ad slice, I love to boogie

August 26, 2005 @ 6:13am

Glenn Feron portfolioIt's impossible for me to read every single post that appears on our network. There are more than 80 blogs and if the content wasn't overwhelming enough, a handful of them are in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. Even my feed reader doesn't get much use unless I'm testing how changes I am making to our feeds look in it. So every now and then I surf the ad slice.

The ad slice is that little strip at the top of all of our pages and it used to be edited by people, but it was too easy to let a few days pass and have it go stale so we switched to 100% automated. It pulls the most recent headline from each of around 30 blogs and we rotate the list of blogs every week or two.

Yesterday, when I was surfing the ad slice and clicking on random sites in our network to see what bloggers were talking about I found a post on The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog called How Photoshopped Can They Get? which linked to a pretty novel -- and maybe even a little disturbing -- portfolio by Glenn Feron.

He shows before and after version of celebrity photos he has retouched. You click thumbnails to view the finished work and if you place your mouse over the photo, it reveals the original photo he started with. Some of them are subtle changes and some are more drastic.

Newer: Katrina and the waves

Older: The Harder They Come