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Red Cross button updates

September 6, 2005 @ 8:29am

It's great to see all of these Red Cross buttons appearing on other peoples' blogs. One thing to note is that GIF images are rectangles. So even though it looks like a triangle and only the triangle part is clickable, people cannot click on anything covered by the invisible part of the image. On almost all of our blogs we have a leaderboard ad at the top of the page and that frees up a bunch of space for the Red Cross button, but my site was missing that leaderboard until this morning. Now as long as there's a Google leaderboard available my Red Cross button will stop covering half of my search button.

There were other ways to do the image, but each had drawbacks. Flash and SVG can do more than GIFs, but SVG requires a plug-in that not everyone has. The GIF could have been made from a bunch of smaller image files, but my goal was to get it online quickly.

If the Red Cross isn't your preferred relief organization or if your name is Brent Yager, then you might ask how about getting one for The Salvation Army? Andrew Ferguson made one for the top left corner of your blog in case you want to run both at the same time. Brent also adjusted his down a little to leave room for the Blogger strip at the top of his site.

If you need one in Japanese, you can snag the one I added to Engadget Japanese (thanks Liam!) or you can get the combination Japanese/English one from Kristin Wenzel.

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