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Trusting your competition

October 3, 2005 @ 12:36am

Google confirmed that it will be providing free high-speed wi-fi in San Francisco. If I ran a competing company (and there might be a few of those in and around SF), it would freak me out to have my employees sending all of our private communications over our competition's wireless network.

I think about that all the time -- how dot com companies rely on gmail, AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN Messenger and Basecamp.

Is it safe to load all of our corporate plans into Basecamp when it is a 37signals product and they do design work for Gawker Media? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows. Does anyone else worry about this?

Does anyone else make ta-da lists with items like:

  1. Steal top developers from 37signals team
  2. Finish Cobol on Rails
  3. Build a Basecamp killer
  4. Heckle Jason Fried at Web 2.0

just to see if they're listening?

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