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Is it wrong to love Verizon?

October 24, 2005 @ 11:31pm

Our Verizon guy just finished installing FIOS, their fiber optic Internet and phone service here. Even though my cable modem connection here gets rave reviews when people camp out in my home office, I was ordering some phone services and they sold me on trying FIOS.

I was convinced to try it for two reasons. First, they switch out your lines with fiber optic cabling and you get to keep that even if you cancel the FIOS service. That was attractive because my phone lines are legendary for their crackling noises. Second, it costs half as much as my business cable service and they promise way more speed up and down the line.

I did a speed test on Bandwidth Place and my existing cable connection rates 2.6 megabits per second and has a subjective rating of "Great".

Then I did a speed test on my new FIOS service and it rates 27 megabits per second and has a subjective rating of "Unbelievable". They aren't kidding!

That crackling is gone on our phone calls, too.

I'll let you know if it ever slows down or has trouble, but if you combine Verizon's FIOS with their EVDO -- which I can't travel without anymore -- I just might start loving Verizon.


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