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December clouds are now covering me

November 30, 2005 @ 10:14pm

The last three days I've flown every day. I'm not a big fan of flying (or turbulence or LaGuardia), so I'm happy that it's over and I can spend my time doing what I love to do best -- fighting with Windows web servers. Okay, that was sarcasm, I prefer working with a great team on building new publishing tools, but at least the server fight is a little more fair since I can be online all day today. When I'm on a jet, these servers get to run amok. To be fair, it's only one server that's giving me grief. We have several that cooperate with us all day long and never complain.

It doesn't help my mood when I read that the Pope is considering abolishing the concept of limbo. Rats. I was just getting good at it. Thankfully, I'm not Catholic, so I can keep limbo dancing and using birth control and all of that. Awesome.

I went to a Catholic high school in Brooklyn and I had one English teacher who started every class with everyone saying the Hail Mary. I would stand, but I wouldn't even pretend to mumble along with the rest of the crowd and it made Dr. Giordano a little nuts. So I have a habit (no pun intended) of not doing what the Pope wants me to do. Plus, I love The Backyardigans and they sure do love to limbo.

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