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Anyone know the fix for this Firefox bug?

January 14, 2006 @ 5:41am

Our new blog templates have a problem that only appears in Firefox: if you scroll down the page to a story you like, click to go read more and then hit your back button, you are taken back to the very top of the long page you were reading on our site -- not the position on the page you were browsing when you clicked away. So let's say there are 15 stories on the TV Squad home page. You want to read more about the 9th one, so you go visit the site they were linking to, you hit your back button and now you're looking at the 1st story again. Now you have to scroll down to the 10th one to pick up where you left off.

It doesn't happen in IE. It doesn't happen in Opera. It doesn't happen in Safari.

I have seen bug reports here, here, here and here and none offer solutions. Well, some sites suggest telling people to use IE. Some say that people should open new sites into new tabs so they can close them and go back to their original unscrolled page. Those answers won't help our readers who write in and say, "I want the feature back that remembers where I was on your page when I return from a link."

I've seen reports that say it was fixed in 1.0 and again in 1.0.6, but I'm using 1.0.7 and most of my team uses 1.5 and the bug definitely lives on.

Anyone know the answer to this one? I'd love to change some line in our templates and stop angering our readers.

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