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Presidents get shot at on 24, don't they?

January 16, 2006 @ 7:55am

TV Squad picked up my post griping about TiVo and the 24 season premiere and referred to me as the "president of Weblogs, Inc." I think some people took that to mean I refer to myself that way and that I must have called DirecTV demanding presidential treatment: "making the unprecedented move of technically enabling him to receive west-coast DirectTV feeds to his home (within less then 3 hours) because he missed his favorite tv show." Pretty funny if you know me at all.

I called DirecTV because I know people who have satellite dishes and receive both east and west coast feeds. When I flipped to the Fox West channel, it said "call us and give us money if you want to watch this channel". It didn't say, "you are not allowed to receive this channel, but we are offering to sell it to you anyway because we technically incapable of hiding channels you will never be allowed to watch."

So the call was tame (sorry to disappoint), but Fox is spending a fortune promoting the show and if Saturday Night Live can put Lazy Sunday online within a few days of first airing it, maybe Fox could have put the "missing" 15 minutes of 24 online (complete with commercials) to make sure everyone's up to speed for the 3rd and 4th hour of the 5th season.

Even better: don't put it online. DirecTV and TiVo are constantly putting movie previews and other advertising on my TiVo. They know I recorded 24. They know I didn't record extra time. They could pretty easily beam those 15 minutes only to the people who missed them!

As for telling TiVo to record extra, I commented on my blog that if I miss the end of an extra innings Yankees game because I only recorded the scheduled times, I put the blame on me. But the Giants and the Chiefs aren't in the post season and I work weekends, so I'm not paying much attention to football right now and it wasn't a variable length sports game that I was recording. It was a two-hour season premiere.

Plus I scheduled TiVo to record the whole season, not individual episodes. If this was a VCR problem, I wouldn't be looking for anyone else to fix it. But I was one of many subscribing customers that this DirecTV guy talked to about this exact problem that night and the best he could tell me was to not watch the shows until they are in reruns.

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