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Analogy quiz #3, answers coming soon

January 17, 2006 @ 8:03am

Yes, that's right, answers. There isn't always just one right answer for these things. I'm not looking to spark controversy and get the whole analogy quiz shut down by the gaming commission, but I had an answer in mind when I wrote quiz number three and after much deliberation I have settled on three correct answers and none are the one I started with. Fortunately, I have some leeway in the amount of time I am given to complete the quizzes and reveal the answer. I will also let you know why some popular choices aren't really a good fit.

I had heard that on an early season of Jeopardy that they once made the three contestants stand on those little podiums and kept the audience locked in the studio with no food, water or bathroom breaks for more than nine hours while the Jeopardy judges researched a contested question given by the returning champion. They edit those things out, you know. These days the most time they ever spend looking up answers is about ten minutes thanks to the Internet and the magic of Web 2.0.

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