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Strangers on the flight

January 17, 2006 @ 10:50pm

Before takeoff on tonight's flight, a woman was on her cell phone complaining that the security people did a second screening of her luggage and exposed all of her underwear for everyone to see. She was mortified and was going to write the TSA and get these people fired. I never saw her underwear being screened myself, but I could see it clearly in my mind as she described it to her friend in detail. It was the end of a six-day trip. The underwear was not clean. The TSA people deserved worse, like 12-day-old underwear I guess. People giggled.

When she described the TSA people as "New York rude", some passengers laughed out loud -- this was a flight from New York to D.C. after all. Then she corrected herself to her friend, but really for the benefit of the rest of us: "I mean, I have friends in New York who aren't rude at all, but these TSA people are like those rude New Yorkers you always hear about."

Is it rude to blog about someone's dirty underwear story? I am a New Yorker. It's beyond our control and sometimes we can't tell.

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