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Who is going to die on Smallville

January 26, 2006 @ 4:42am

SmallvilleWarning: this post contains no spoilers, only crazy conjecture.

Niki asked me who I thought was going to die on tonight's 100th episode of Smallville. The previews have all made it clear that someone Clark Kent loves is going to die. So that limits who it can possibly be. When I jokingly said I thought it would be Lois Lane, she said that her friend's mom had said the same thing. Of course, Lex Luthor and Lois Lane need to live on since they are all around when he grows into Superman...

So it can only be one of four people, unless they cheat. Lana Lang, Clark's mom or dad, or Chloe Sullivan, Lois' cousin. Of the four the one I'd miss the most would be Chloe. Having just one of Clark's parents die would be awkward, even if they did something cool like have his dad die seconds after winning his senate race. So I'm hoping it's Lana.

Ace, Bat HoundThen I told Niki that it would be really horrible if they brought back Clark's old buddy Pete Ross for one episode just to kill him off. We both laughed out loud thinking how harsh that would be for poor Pete.

Then I remembered Krypto! Maybe they are killing Clark's dog.

That got me to thinking about my post on Ace, the crime-fighting Bat Hound and how I just found a cool Halloween outfit for one of my dogs on So what if it borders on animal cruelty? It's cute and if it means I get a visit from an angry Pamela Anderson, I think I can deal with that.

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