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Analogy quiz #3 -- solved

January 28, 2006 @ 12:15am

The puzzle was this: Web 2.0 is to the Internet as Ashton Kutcher is to _____.

Every time I post one of these I have an answer in mind going into it, but I'm open to suggestions. If someone comes up with a better answer, I'll throw my original one away and go with theirs. That hasn't happened yet, but it could.

So my original answer for this one was going to be Woody Harrelson. I figured that they both got attention on TV playing the dumb guy on a sitcom and then had movie success, but like Web 2.0, Ashton is younger, seems better connected in Hollywood after marrying Demi Moore and has a bigger MTV crowd mindshare.

For a while, I had reconsidered that and was going to go with either Eddie Murphy or Alan Funt, but the first one was a stretch and the second was too narrowly related.

I even considered shutting the whole analogy quiz series down, but I still hadn't used the one analogy I came up with that was the whole reason for doing the series in the first place. I'll reveal that one this week.

Some of the answers readers submitted were wrong for the following reasons:
  1. "Demi Moore, new beau, same old boobs" -- sorry, she has never been the right answer and her boobs are not that old.
  2. "trucker hats!" -- see Alan Funt above. This was a good surprise answer and I did honestly consider it. Alex gets a half point.
  3. "Webbed toes?" -- I will have to admit that I did not know Ashton Kutcher had webbed toes before seeing that answer (and neither did you, so cut that out).
After considering everyone's answers and my subsequent ones, I arrived at Woody Harrelson again. Woody is the answer. Plus I really like typing Woody.


My next analogy quiz is the original one I came up with. Stay tuned. Woody.

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