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Super Bowl XL

February 4, 2006 @ 7:40am

I'll be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow for all the right reasons. To see what advertisers are doing. To see the halftime and pre-game entertainment. To see two teams I don't really care about try to become world champions. To put off doing the accounting from last year that I promised I'd do this weekend.

Last year I followed the game on TiVo, blogging about commercials on our new site AdJab. By the end of the game I was a good 45 minutes behind the rest of the world, fast forwarding through the game to get to the next commercial I was going to comment on and hearing the final score and spoilers in the big group chat we had going. It was a crazy way to cover the Super Bowl and I'm happy to not be involved in that this year.

I'm also watching because I'm curious to see how Detroit handles the event in general and the expected snowfall.

Plus, I have it on good authority that the real reason the NFL agreed to have the Super Bowl played at Ford Field was that this is the only way to have an NFL game in Detroit where the Lions aren't the losing team. Clever move on their part.

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