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Lazy Saturday

March 5, 2006 @ 7:25am

I watched Saturday Night Live live for the first time in years. Usually we TiVo it and watch Weekend Update either late Saturday night or on Sunday. Then I watch the sketches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in little burst during lunch and if there's anything good, I save it for Niki to watch. I liked Amy and Seth in The Needlers. It had some great lines, really hateful couple-that-should-be-divorced kinda lines. The Jamba Juice sketch was cute, especially the "whoa, jamba, jamba" line from Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long. Cute.

But the Natalie Portman digital short rap video? It was half funny to see a good girl curse and throw chairs, but the whole time it just felt like a too-soon rip-off of their own Lazy Sunday video. Now I can see 24 or My Name Is Earl taking a good thing and beating it to death, but SNL? I never would have expected that from them.

I read the TV Squad review of this episode and one of the comments was from "mark", who was at their dress rehearsal show. He listed some of the things that got dropped from the show after gauging the audience's reaction. I haven't figured out yet if knowing that they improved it is comforting or if it's frightening to think that the show I saw was better than the one I could have seen.

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