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CodeJam 5

March 19, 2006 @ 3:51am

Eight of us flew from the east coast to work in Santa Monica for the week. It's not really warm here, but somehow I got a sunburn on my face walking to breakfast yesterday. Neat.

Everyone refers to things in the east coast's "real" time instead of local time. The suite we are working in has a view of the Pacific and Gavin and Alex immediately turned a pair of chairs to face the beach while they code and if you had seen it you would have sworn you had walked in on a Corona commercial for geeks.

I'm not a big fan of the term CodeJam. I guess it fits, but every time I see it written out I get that horrible Pearl Jam version of "Last Kiss" stuck in my head. Why couldn't we have called them "Hollaback Dev" or "Hella Code"?

I could never get used to being out here full-time. During breakfast the Mavericks lost to the Nets and UNC lost to George Mason. It's 5pm and I'm pretty sure we missed seeing The Sopranos. Crazy.

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