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Ruining it for everyone

March 20, 2006 @ 3:01am

A few months ago, we took Jack to the Bronx Zoo. When we stopped to eat lunch, we watched a singer/guitarist play a set of childrens songs he had written. He reminded me of Bob Ross from The Joy of Painting and some of his songs were decent, but one of them has turned out to be haunting.

He did a song where he had the kids add animal noises: the chickens go "cluck", the horses go "neigh" and the pigs go "oink". When it came time to do cow noises, he stopped and corrected all of us explaining that cows don't really make a "moo" sound. Their lips are not able to join to make an "m" sound, so really they are making a noise that sounds like a low "ooooooo".

I don't think any of the kids paid close attention to him, but I can't really unlearn that little nugget and he has ruined moo for me.

Check back with me in a few weeks and let me know if I did the same thing for you or not.

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