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There are no holidays in the fight against evil

April 3, 2006 @ 9:01am

When Jason and I were at SxSW prepping Blog Maverick and fresh off the launch of Engadget more than two years ago I made a list of April Fools blogs that I wanted to add.

My plan was that we'd announce ones like the Unofficial Bob Dylan Weblog -- full of rambling incomprehensible posts -- and a Sprint PCS corporate blog where every post was "Can you hear me now?" and had a commenter that said "yes" with the blogger replying "good." That was back when all of the blogs would have been,

That list is still floating around here somewhere and I think about it every year, but I know we'll never launch any of them even for a day. Two years ago when there weren't many blog networks it might have moved the needle on traffic and attention, but these days they'd be little more than the predictable April Fools blog posts that many readers are expecting. This year some of our blogs instituted a "no fake posts" rule for the day and set the suspicion level on their tip readers to the max.

But the bloggers who did write with April Fools in mind did a great job. TV Squad wrote a series of fake posts, buried them in the past and made a contest out of it. I think Loki would approve.

Joystiq gave us a look at gaming in 2010, a la Engadget's legendary 1985 post. My favorite elements of the Joystiq post are filing the Duke Nukem Forever review under the "Pigs Flying" category and the entire post about a Joystiq staffer quitting over Scientology remarks. Fantastic.

Blogging Baby had a series of posts including J.D. going pro-Wal-Mart and getting a 6-player Texas Holdem' game for his 13-month-old daughter (you're never too young to learn poker), Charlene's fight club for moms and the baby cone of silence for long airplane trips.

Is it wrong to bring one of those for other people's kids? Mine are pretty well behaved on airplanes.

"Max, you realize that you'll be facing every kind of danger imaginable."

"And ... loving it."

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