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Spam a lot less

April 7, 2006 @ 1:22am

I love how Mark Cuban posts his email answers to interview questions on his blog long before the newspaper or magazine misquotes him. So does Jason. We were both answering some questions about comment spam and when I was writing my reply I was thinking, "What am I doing this here for? I should just blog my answers." Then I saw Jason's post with his answers. Fun stuff.

[Jason] You're making it into this major problem. If you have the right software and you put in simple rules it's not a major issue.

To me there's zero difference between email spam, forum spam, comment spam, trackback spam and tag spam.

The same software tools can be used to control incoming spam in any of those realms: whitelists, blacklists, Bayesian/AI filters, vigilance/policing, verifying humans (Turing tests), verifying exact identity, fees and many more.

The reason spam exists is because it costs next to nothing to spam and the payout is decent.

If you make it so the payout is smaller than the investment, spam goes away.

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