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Meet Virginia

April 11, 2006 @ 10:36pm

It's great when one of my trips to have meetings in Northern Virginia gives me a free evening and I can visit my grandmother. I'm pretty sure she'll be 80 this summer and I always feel crummy when I fly down in the morning and back that same evening without a chance to stop by and spend some time with her.

This time she pulled out all of her copies of the CyberSurfer magazine Jason and I did back in 1994 and 1995. In one of them Jason did a review of America Online and mentioned how it was taking over the space in 1995, but in 1996 he was predicting that Bill Gates would have his own online service leading the race. It's funny to read now, especially after a few days of working with the AOL team we're a part of.

We also had a screen shot of the Warner Brothers site before it launched. Instead of a standard yellow caution or coming soon sign, they had a big WB logo with a shower curtain in front of it and Bugs Bunny telling us that they would be ready soon and we weren't allowed to peek. Cute stuff. I remember that we stumbled on it just by typing in their domain name at the time.

Jason is still doing that on our products and finding things before we're ready to launch them. Our dev team will learn...

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Older: Heart like a gun was just half of the battle