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Born on the Eighteenth of April

April 19, 2006 @ 5:21am

"Shhhhh...Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm giving birth."

Cinematical and Blogging Baby both cover the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes delivery, but Stefania Butler points out the incredible fact that after all of their post-partum debate Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields just had babies on the same day. Nice work.

It really angers me to hear how Tom is "finally a father" and how this is his "first baby". He adopted two babies with Nicole Kidman years ago. Great job of making adopted kids feel even less important everyone! Fortunately, People gave some ink to Cruise being "a great dad already" and mentioned how Isabella and Connor are cool and interesting.

By the way, my other title choice was "Minor Report", but that whole coordinated birthday thing won out. Maybe next time.

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