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Stern warning

April 22, 2006 @ 5:57am

The last two days there have been no NBA games on TV. None. Thisseems to be the result of some really poor scheduling. Fortunatelyfor me -- and everyone else who follows basketball as closely as Ido -- it looks like there will be games today and tomorrow. What arelief.

On a sad note, and I know Isiah Thomas reads my blog, there are no Knicks gamesthis weekend. How can that be? This team has the highest payroll inthe league. How do they get four days off in a row like this? Man,I was thinking about heading to the Garden this weekend with mythree-year-old son and maybe sharing some of my sports wisdom withhim. Again, this just seems like bad planning, but I guess NBAexecs are only human.

It would have been okay if there were some college basketballgames on, but I couldn't find any of them either.

Since the Jazz aren't playing this weekend either I have noStockton and Malone to root for, so I'll be watching Dallas onSunday night.

Go Mavs.

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