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Mavericks quiz

May 12, 2006 @ 9:28am

Niki told me that I missed an NBA rumor a few nights ago while I was reading comic books with Jack. She asked me who the Maloof brothers were considering to replace their newly-released coach of eight years, Rick Adelman. "Larry Brown?" I asked. Nope. He is too expensive and who would want to give up the chance to work with the number one -- self-proclaimed, that is -- point guard in the NBA?

I guessed "Van Gundy." "Which one?" she asked. Either one. I figured I could sneak in two guesses with one answer. Nice of her to catch that and call me on it.

"Don Nelson," she told me. Very interesting. I'm sure he's great, but I wasn't sure why Sacramento would want to land a coach who built an offense-heavy team like the Mavericks when going deeper into the post season seems to be the territory of more defensive squads.

Then I figured it out. The Mavericks must still have some kind of agreement with Don Nelson and they're trying to work out some kind of coach/player trade. If the Kings hire Don Nelson this week, maybe the Mavericks can have Spurs-killer Bonzi Wells in time for Saturday's game. He is a free agent this summer, right?

If only sports worked the way I think they should work...

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