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Six days in May

May 11, 2006 @ 11:14pm

We took the kids out of town last weekend and stayed mostly offline until late last night. It was nice to go cold turkey (or "code turkey" as my rusty fingers first typed).

I was going to say jokingly that it turns out we have two kids and how I missed the arrival of the second one, but I expect that would invite three types of fallout:

  1. Casual readers would think I was serious;
  2. Niki would think I was serious (leaving a comment about me dropping her off at the hospital last September and going back home to continue working);
  3. Someone would show this to my son when he's a few years older and he would think I was serious.

We checked out Mohegan Sun on our way to Cape Cod and it was like stepping back in time. Ash trays and lit cigarettes everywhere. Pretty to look at from a distance and nice views of Nowheresville, CT from our room, but there was way too much smoke and the dinner was awful. At least the people swimming in the pool weren't smoking -- only the ones on the lounge chairs toweling off.

Cape Cod was cold and sometimes rainy, but that was expected and we did all of our swimming indoors. The food there was excellent and this time our servers didn't get hacked while I was out of town. We did cover some pretty big keynotes at E3 and delivered record traffic for Joystiq. Gavin and the AOL hosting team made sure we didn't have even a few milliseconds of down time. Nice work.

I did get surprisingly depressed in a comic book store when we were picking up some kids comics for Jack, but that cleared up a few hours later and I'll save that for a future post.

So far it's good to be back online and I'll try to balance the two much better going forward instead being so all or nothing.

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